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  • Laundry Room With Wood Cabinetry and Folding Island
    Laundry Room With Folding Island and Wood Cabinetry

  • Family Room With Wet Bar
    Transitional Basement Family Room With Wet Bar

  • Neutral Entry With Green Built-In Shelving
    Green Shelving Creates Warm and Inviting Entry

  • Transitional Neutral Walk In Closet
    Transitional Walk In Closet With Traditional Chandeliers, Built in Hanging Racks and Shelving and White Marble Floor

  • Transitional Laundry Room With Sunburst Wallpaper
    Transitional Laundry Room is Stylish and Functional

  • Neutral Hall With Runner and White Built-In Storage Shelves & Drawers
    Storage Galore: Built-In Shelving & Drawers

  • Transitional Basement Bar With Television, Storage & Countertop
    Basement Bar, Ideal for Entertaining, With Television, Handsome Shelving & Marble Countertop

  • Neutral Transitional Living Space
    Basement Living Space With Brown Leather Sofa, Mounted Flatscreen TV and Connected Dining Room

  • Mudroom With Striped Benches
    Neutral Transitional Mudroom With Striped Benches

  • Closet Dressing Area With Chandelier, Storage Island and Wallpaper
    Walk-In Closet With Island and Patterned Wallpaper

  • Transitional Basement Bar With Seating, Television & Shelving
    Basement Bar Features Plenty Of Storage, Shelf Space, Seating & Marble Countertop

  • Transitional Basement With Home Theater, Bar & Seating
    Basement Home Theater Features Built-In Cabinets, Fireplace, Wet Bar & Additional Seating

  • Transitional Built-In Wood Storage
    Mudroom at the Back Entry

  • Transitional Basement Home Theater With Sectional, Ottoman & Table
    Stunning Red Couch, Armchair & Ottoman Wow In A Basement Home Theater

  • Organized Bedroom Closet
    Organized Bedroom Closet With Wood Shelves and Drawers

  • Mudroom With Green Cabinets And Cubbies
    Neutral Mudroom With Cubbies And Desk

  • Transitional dressing room
    Dressing Room Showcases Vintage Accents

  • Neutral Laundry Room Packed With Storage
    Storage-Packed Transitional Laundry Room