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  • Contemporary Lake View Home
    Contemporary Connecticut Home with Lake View

  • Deck at Night
    Rear Deck Illuminated at Night

  • Rear Mansion Exterior Featuring Dual Stairs in Evening
    Evening View of Rear Mansion Exterior Featuring Dual Stairs

  • Exterior Dining Area With Wood Table, Patterned Chairs on Stone Floor
    Exterior Dining Area With Wood Table on Stone Tile Floor

  • Waterfront Home's Rear
    Instant Access to the Beach

  • White Farmhouse and Porch
    White Farmhouse and Front Yard

  • Cabin Exterior and Backyard
    Cabin Rear Exterior and Backyard

  • Gray Farmhouse
    Gray Farmhouse on the Lake

  • Beach House at Night
    Hampton Beach House Illuminated at Night

  • House With Lots of Windows
    Unobstructed Views of the Bay

  • Beach House at Dusk
    Rear of Beach House at Sunset

  • Rear of Beach House
    Waterside Retreat at Sunset

  • Wraparound Porch
    Peaceful Wraparound Porch

  • Exterior View Of Porch With Concrete Stairs Leading To Front Door
    Farmhouse Exterior With Mint Green Siding

  • Fire Pit Area
    Fire Pit Area Overlooking the Mountains

  • Exterior View in Snow
    Exterior View in Snow

  • Cabin in Winter
    Cabin and Lake in Winter

  • Stone Exterior in Snow
    Stone Exterior and Snow Banks