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  • Zen Garden and Pergola
    Zen Garden With Pergola

  • Zen Garden with Asian Inspiration
    Asian Inspired Zen Garden

  • Grass with Mulch and Stones
    Highlight of a Japanese Garden Featuring Rocks and Ornamental Grass

  • Zen Garden With Pagoda Statue and Prayer Bell
    Pagoda and Garden Gate

  • Asian-inspired garden
    Handcrafted Fence With Bronze Hardware

  • Lush Border Garden With Asian Style
    Lush Border Garden With Asian Style

  • Asian-inspired garden
    Hedges Make Beautiful Boundary

  • Asian-inspired garden
    Tranquil Garden With Japanese Maple Trees

  • Asian Garden Statue Surrounded by Bamboo
    Asian Style Garden Featuring Buddha Surrounded by Bamboo

  • Garden of Shrubs and Grasses Inside Sculptural Woven Bowl
    Bowl-Enclosed Garden and Cozy Retreat

  • Asian-inspired garden with wood pavilion
    Garden Includes Subtle Asian Influences

  • Asian-inspired garden
    Circular Entry Exudes Serentiy

  • wood pavilion with reflecting pond
    Pavilion Encourages Quiet Reflection

  • Round River Walkway in Asian Garden
    Multicolored Round River Stone Walkway Encourages Reflection in Asian Garden

  • Garden with Red Plants and Stone Walk
    Japanese Garden Featuring Square Wood Planters and Native Plants

  • Garden With Statue of Buddha's Head, Green Foliage Plants and Boulders
    Asian Garden With Oversized Buddha Head Statue

  • Moss Path Leads to Spa on Rooftop Terrace
    Tribeca Roof Terrace with Moss Path Leading to Spa

  • Wood garden bench and sculpture
    Asian Garden Bench