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  • Gray and White Contemporary Backyard
    Gray and White Contemporary Backyard

  • Outdoor Entertaining Area With Baseball Theme
    Baseball-Themed Backyard Deck With Bar

  • Exterior Of Farmhouse Looking At Two Story Screened Porch And Backyard
    Farmhouse With Two Story Screened Porch

  • Private Pool House With Lush Yard And Stone Wall Divider
    Traditional Pool House With Playroom

  • Outdoor Living Space with Plasma TVs and Couches
    After: Yard With a View

  • White Deck in Plant-Filled Backyard
    White Backyard Deck Surrounded by Greenery

  • Backyard Playhouse With Pink Door, Low Stone Wall and Paver Pathway
    Adorable Cottage-Style Backyard Playhouse

  • Poolside Striped Marble Floor
    Stunning Backyard With Striped Marble Floor

  • Bird's-Eye View of Baseball-Themed Deck
    White Baseball-Themed Deck Viewed From Above

  • Contemporary Backyard With Raised Deck
    Raised Dining Deck in Contemporary Backyard

  • Modern Home With Pool
    Luxury Modern Home Backyard

  • Outdoor dining table set with purple touches
    Large Outdoor Dining Area With a View

  • Baseball-Theme Deck and Bar Seen From Above
    Overhead View of Baseball-Themed Deck and Bar Area

  • White Deck With Touches of Warm Color
    White Deck With Colorful Pillows and Green Potted Plants

  • Contemporary Backyard With Lounge Chairs
    Relaxing Backyard With Dining Area

  • Baseball-Topped Table on White Deck
    Remodeled White Deck With Baseball-Topped Coffee Table

  • Backyard With Three Levels Viewed From Above
    White Deck and Terraced Backyard Seen From Above

  • Tropical Deck with Tiered Ceiling
    Tropical Deck with Tiered Ceiling