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  • Patio With Rustic Bar and Industrial Seating
    Rustic Wood Pergola and Bar With Industrial Barstools

  • Outdoor Bench With White Cushions and Curved Wooden Deck
    Shady Backyard Seating With Curved Fan Deck

  • Outdoor Water Feature With Stone
    Natural Waterfall in Backyard Retreat

  • Patio Lounge Area With Wood Flooring and Draped Pergola
    Spa-Like Backyard Lounge Area With Pergola and Draperies

  • Deck and Bridge in Sunny Fenced Backyard
    Sunny Backyard Seating Area With Bridge and Blue Patio Umbrella

  • White Outdoor Dining Table With White Chairs
    Transitional Backyard Dining Area With Wicker Chairs

  • Open Backyard With Pergola Patio
    Open Backyard With Pergola Patio

  • Outdoor Lounge With Pergola and Draperies
    Backyard Lounge Pavilion With Fabric-Draped Metal Pergola

  • Transitional Backyard With Stone Steps, Large Urns
    Nature Meets Modern Backyard and Pool

  • Wood-and-Steel Bridge in Beautiful Landscaping
    Elegant Bridge Seamlessly Blends Into Nature

  • Transitional Backyard With Hot Tub and Fire Pit
    Fire Pit Lounging in a Transitional Backyard

  • Backyard Garden With Pink Crape Myrtles, Stone Path & Lavender Beds
    Backyard Garden With Pink Crape Myrtles

  • Black and White Curtains on Outdoor Patio Pergola
    Cape Cod-Style House With Patio Pergola Curtains

  • Fire Pit and Swimming Pool
    Pool & Fire Pit Surrounded With Adirondack Chairs

  • transitional backyard
    Backyard Takes Cues From Plains, Mountains

  • Outdoor Dining Area With Metal
    Outdoor Dining Room With Wood-and_stone Pergola

  • Pool Waterfall, Natural Flower Beds, Landscaping
    Clean and Timeless Backyard With Stunning Waterfall

  • Landscaped Backyard With Tiered Patio
    Lavishly Landscaped Backyard With Patio and Fire Pit