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  • Pool and Formal Garden
    Modern Pool and Formal Garden

  • Outdoor Space with Pool
    Backyard Pool With Fire Pit and Water Feature

  • Yard With Stone Walkway
    Yard With Curved Stone Walkway

  • Contemporary Backyard Seating
    Contemporary Backyard Seating Area

  • Boho-style Crochet Hammock Swing
    Backyard Includes Boho-Style Hammock Swing

  • Raised Planter Beds With Rusted-Metal Look Bordered by Pebbles
    Backyard With Rusted-Look Raised Planter Beds

  • Poolside Patio
    Poolside Patio and Umbrella

  • contemporary backyard
    Contemporary Backyard With Central Fire Pit

  • Backyard With Pool
    Backyard With Pool and Picnic Table

  • Outdoor Seating Area
    Outdoor Seating Area and Lawn

  • Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Area
    Beautiful Outdoor Entertaining Area

  • Minimal Modern Backyard
    Modern Outdoor Oasis

  • Pastoral Backyard with Stone Stairs and Walls
    Pastoral Backyard with Stone Stairs and Walls

  • Rainforest Mansion at Twilight With Stone Pool and Colorful Seating
    Rainforest Palace With Luxurious Amenities and Tropical Landscaping

  • Open Backyard With Pergola Patio
    Open Backyard With Pergola Patio

  • Exterior View Of Home With Greenery Along The Roof Of The Patio
    Serene Stone Patio With Lavish Landscaping

  • Modern backyard
    Modern Backyard Glows in the Evening

  • Two-Level House Exterior
    Two-Level House Exterior With Deck