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  • HGTV Smart Home 2015 hallway.
    Reclaimed-Inspired Hardwood Floors

  • Rustic Playroom With Brick Wall and Marquee Letters
    Rustic Playroom With Baseball Theme

  • Console Chest, Metal Lamp and Knickknacks in Contemporary Rustic Style
    Entryway With Rustic Console Table & Accessories

  • Rustic Foyer With Chandelier
    Neutral Rustic Foyer With Black Chandelier

  • Rustic Foyer With Basket Trio
    Rustic Gray Foyer With Basket Trio

  • Hallway With Windows
    Expansive Windows in Hallway

  • Entryway
    Entryway Features Two Design Styles

  • contemporary breezeway with stone siding
    Sophisticated Stone Breezeway

  • White Foyer With Antique Bench, Umbrella Stand, Antler Sconce
    Rustic Entry Nook

  • Young Boys' Room With Secret Fort Behind Bunk Beds
    Secret Fort in Rustic Boys' Bedroom

  • Stone-Clad Mountain House Entryway
    Stone-Clad Mountain House Entryway

  • Staircase
    Industrial Staircase With a Rustic Twist

  • Loft Area in Rustic Wood Barn Venue
    Loft View of Renovated Rustic Barn

  • Upstairs of Barn
    Grand Upstairs in Remodeled Barn

  • Neutral Bar With Heavy Wood Accents, Deerskin Detail & Suede Barstools
    Rustic Bar With Suede Barstools

  • Rustic Hall with Aztec Rug
    Rustic Hall with Aztec Rug

  • Rustic Playroom With Marquee Letters
    Neutral Rustic Playroom With Marquee Letters

  • Barn Entertainment Space With Stage and Lounge
    Renovated Barn With Music/Entertainment Space