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  • White Foyer with Neutral Fireplace, Chairs and Brown Wood Floors
    Rustic White Foyer with Neutral Fireplace

  • Midcentury entryway
    Entryway Showcases Round Mirror, Console Table

  • transitional entryway with mirror and console table
    Entryway Complete With Colorful Mirror, Console Table

  • Mediterranean Two-Story Foyer With Marble Floors and Double Staircase
    Foyer: Grand Mediterranean Villa in Dallas

  • Traditional Back and White Foyer With Marble Flooring
    Traditional Black and White Foyer

  • Contemporary White Foyer With Glass Front Door
    Glass Front Door Leads to Chic, Contemporary Entry

  • Staircase With Black Metal Railing in Modern White Foyer
    Modern Foyer With Play Area in Loft Home

  • Foyer With Chevron Floor
    White Contemporary Foyer With Chevron Floor

  • entryway with wood ceiling, shiplap walls
    Wood Ceiling, Shiplap Walls Define Entryway

  • White Foyer With Arched Doorway, Nautical Pendant, Dark Hardwoods
    Arched Doorway

  • White Modern Entry With Brown Hardwood Floor
    Sleek & Stylish Entryway

  • White Modern Living Space
    Modern White Home With Wood Accents

  • Coastal Farmhouse Foyer
    Coastal Farmhouse Foyer

  • White Modern Foyer With Gray Rug, Floating Stairs
    Striking Modern Entryway in White

  • White Wall Hook Shelf in Cottage Entryway
    Practical Wall Hooks in Cottage Entryway

  • Contemporary White & Gray Foyer With Orange Table & Bicycle
    Contemporary Entryway Features Bright Orange Accents

  • Modern White Cottage Entry With Blue Front Door And Modern Accessories
    Modern White Cottage Entry With Console Table And Modern Art

  • White Modern Foyer
    Entryway of Modern Malibu Beach House