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  • Eclectic, White Hallway and Foyer with Staircase
    Eclectic Foyer Features Cozy Seating Area

  • Traditional Entryway With Arched Doorway
    White Entryway With Neutral Dining Room and Hardwood Floors

  • White Modern Foyer
    White, Modern Foyer with Distinctive Front Door

  • Neutral Foyer With Staircase and Terrazzo Floors
    Neutral Terrazzo Floor in Traditional Foyer

  • contemporary foyer with glass walls
    Foyer With Sleek Glass Walls

  • White Foyer With Geometric Floor
    White Foyer With Painted Geometric Floor

  • Traditional Foyer With Blue-and-White Striped Wallpaper
    Blue-and-White Striped Wallpaper in Entryway

  • White Foyer With Metallic Pendant, Small Console, Large Art
    Eclectic Foyer

  • Traditional Back and White Foyer With Marble Flooring
    Traditional Black and White Foyer

  • Contemporary White Foyer With Potted Orchids and Art
    Contemporary White Foyer With Potted Orchids and Art

  • Traditional Entryway With Unusual Architectural Detail
    Traditional Entryway With Architectural Detail

  • White Wall Hook Shelf in Cottage Entryway
    Practical Wall Hooks in Cottage Entryway

  • Modern Black Table With Eclectic Glass Lamps and Round Mirror
    Eclectic Entry With Glass Lamps and Bold Mirror