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  • Double Staircase in White Victorian Foyer With Chandelier
    Foyer: Grand Home Theater in Slinger, Wis.

  • Victorian Foyer With Blue Front Door & Green Pattern Wallpaper
    Entry: Victorian Guest Cottage

  • Victorian Foyer
    Wood Paneled Foyer

  • Rococo-Inspired Curio Cabinet in Italianate-Style Home
    White-and-Gold Rococo Armoire Under a Gold Dome Ceiling

  • Brown Foyer with Brown Wood Fireplace Surround, White Chaise
    Brown Victorian Foyer with Brown Wood Fireplace Surround

  • Brown Foyer with Black Armchairs, a White Chaise and Brown Fireplace
    Brown Victorian Foyer with Black Armchairs and a White Chaise

  • Brown Foyer with White Chaise and Hardwood Brown Floor
    Brown Victorian Foyer with White Chaise

  • Foyer
    Elegant Victorian Foyer with Mirrored Wall and Loveseat

  • Victorian Foyer
    Victorian Foyer With Chandelier

  • Red Front Door, White Molding and Ceiling Trim, Beige Siding, Stoop
    Townhouse Entryway With Red Front Door and White Molding

  • Two-Sided Brick Chimney
    Two-Sided Chimney With Fireplace

  • Victorian Cream Foyer With Brown Wood Doors
    Elegant Cream Foyer With Warm Wood Accents