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  • Coastal Foyer with Antique Seaside-Inspired Accessories
    Coastal Foyer with Antique Accessories

  • Eclectic Neutral Entryway
    Eclectic Entryway Styling With Round Mirror

  • Eclectic Foyer With Wall of Windows and Glass Front Door
    Foyer: High Style Meets Function in Dallas

  • eclectic entryway with chainmaille chandeliers
    Eclectic Entry Hall With Chainmaille Chandeliers

  • Neutral Entry With Distressed Dresser & Contemporary Art
    Eclectic Entryway With Wooden Front Door

  • Entry with Barn Door
    Spanish- Feel Entryway

  • Eclectic Entryway With Spiral Staircase & Pendant Lights
    Eclectic Foyer Features Ornate Middle Eastern Pendant Lights & Strong Spiral Staircase

  • Wide Foyer With Door and Windows
    Wide Foyer With a Rustic-Modern Door and Large Windows

  • Eclectic Neutral Foyer
    Artsy Eclectic Foyer With Gold Greyhound Statue, Colorful Abstract Art and Upholstered Bench

  • Eclectic Neutral Foyer
    Grand Entrance With High Ceilings, Colorful Abstract Art, Arched Wood Doors and Dog Statues

  • eclectic entryway with exposed brick wall
    Historic Row House With Eclectic Entryway

  • Neutral Foyer with Metallic Coat Hanger, Brown Wooden Bench
    Contemporary Neutral Foyer with Metallic Coat Hanger

  • Mid-Century Modern Brick Foyer
    Brick Foyer With Curved Staircase

  • Neutral, Eclectic Foyer With Grand Staircase
    Two-Story Entryway With Grand Staircase

  • Eclectic Foyer With Graffiti Wallpaper, Metallic Pendant
    Graffiti-Inspired Wallpaper in Eclectic Foyer

  • Entry with Coat Hooks
    Eclectic Apartment Entry With Zebra-Style Coat Hooks

  • Entry with Simple, Uncluttered Design
    Simple, Uncluttered Entry

  • Eclectic, Two-Story Foyer With Wooden Staircase
    Two-Story Entryway is Open, Eclectic