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  • Steel and Wood Barstools at Walnut Counter in Industrial Restaurant
    Industrial Garage Door Opens for Indoor-Outdoor Dining

  • Industrial Meets Rustic Breakfast Room
    Industrial Meets Rustic Breakfast Room

  • Restaurant Dining Area With Banquette Seating and Driftwood Art
    Driftwood Art Displays Spoon Collection

  • Dining Room With Bubble Chandelier
    Industrial Dining Room With Bubble Chandelier

  • Restaurant Kitchen and Dining Area
    Hip Restaurant Effortlessly Blends Design Styles

  • Restaurant Interior Full of People
    Minnesota Restaurant With Authentic Local Charm

  • Blue and Orange Dining Room
    Color Adds Warmth, Interest to Open Dining Room

  • Urban Restaurant Dining Room With Cider Jug Chandelier & Exposed Duct
    Second-Story Dining Room Features Upcycled Chandelier

  • Transitional Dining Room With Rustic Wood Table
    Industrial Meets Rustic Dining Room

  • modern dining room with pendant light
    Pendant Light Shines in Modern Dining Space

  • Elegant, Industrial Design Highlighted by New Windows
    New Windows Let in Natural Light to Highlight Elegant, Industrial Design

  • Contemporary Restaurant Dining Area With Black Tables and Chairs
    Industrial Restaurant Boasts Historic Character and Contemporary Elements

  • Grass in Pots on Wood Dining Table
    Dining Room With Rustic Wood Table and Industrial Chandelier

  • Urban Industrial Dining Room
    Urban Dining Room With White Chairs

  • Dining Room With Giant Colorful Art
    Industrial Dining Room With Wood Table and Metal Stools

  • Restaurant Interior With Large Curved Bench and Exposed Brick Wall
    Chic Restaurant Dining Area Is Strategically Designed

  • Restaurant With High Ceilings and Exposed Ductwork
    Industrial-Style Restaurant Features Exposed Kitchen

  • Masculine Rustic Industrial Design in Open Concept First Floor Space
    Open Concept First Floor with Masculine Rustic Industrial Design