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  • Cottage Dining Area
    Cottage Dining Area With Globe Chandeliers

  • Blue Dining Room With Rattan Chairs
    Charming Chairs

  • Blue Cottage Dining Room
    Modern Meets Traditional

  • Dining Room with Table, Chairs and Chandelier
    Green Cottage Breakfast Room With Floral Wallpaper

  • Gray Cottage Kitchen and Dining Area With Light Wood Floors
    Cottage-Style Breakfast Nook Boasts Antler Chandelier

  • White Paneled Dining Room With Wood Table & Brown Chairs
    Cottage-Style Dining Room With White Paneled Walls

  • Cottage Dining Room and Kitchen
    Open-Concept Cottage Dining Room and Kitchen

  • Blue Dining Room With Lantern Pendant
    Easy Entertaining

  • Cottage Dining Room With Banquette
    Cottage-Inspired Banquette Breakfast Nook

  • Outdoor Dining Table, Pergola and Hanging Pocket Garden
    Outdoor Dining Area With Wood Pergola and Vertical Garden

  • Neutral Cottage Dining Area With Banquette Seating
    Cozy Cottage Breakfast Area With Banquette Seating

  • Cottage Dining Room With Rustic Dining Table
    Cottage-Inspired Dining Room is Open, Sophisticated

  • Cottage Dining Room With Candles
    Neutral Cottage Dining Room With Candles

  • White Cottage Breakfast Room With Glass Table
    Light-Filled Breakfast Nook

  • Cottage Breakfast Nook With Banquette
    Inviting, Cottage Breakfast Nook

  • Blue Open Living Space With Reclaimed Wood and White Cabinetry
    Open-Concept Cottage Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Dining Room With Red Pendant
    Cottage Dining Room With Red Pendant

  • Stone Dining Room With Multiple Windows and Hardwood Plank Floors
    Stone-Walled Dining Room With High Wood Ceilings