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  • Houseplants Fill the Kitchen and Dining Space in This Apartment
    A Bright Green Kitchen and Muted Dining Space Feature a Variety of Houseplants

  • Kitchen With Wood Cabinets and Stainless Steel Appliances
    Narrow Craftsman Kitchen With Light Wood Cabinets

  • Galley Kitchen With Large Window and Orange Pendant Light
    Contemporary Galley Kitchen With Orange Pendant Light

  • Summer Rayne's Plant-Filled Kitchen and Dining Room
    A Bright Green Kitchen and White Dining Room Are Filled With Plants

  • Modern galley kitchen
    Galley Kitchen Includes Open Shelving

  • transitional galley kitchen with green cabinets and gold hardware
    Kitchen Cabinets Shine With Gold Hardware

  • Kitchen With Copper Pots
    White Kitchen With Copper Pots

  • Tropical Blue Galley Kitchen With Tile Floor
    Tropical Style Kitchen With Blue Walls

  • Gray Country Galley Kitchen
    Gray Country Galley Kitchen With Welcome Sign

  • eclectic blue galley kitchen with bold backsplash
    Eclectic Galley Kitchen With Mint Blue Cabinets

  • A Unique Houseplant Display Adorns a Blank Kitchen Wall
    Wood and Rope Shelf Hang in Front of a Kitchen Window

  • Transitional Kitchen With Dark Wood Cabinets and Light Wood Floors
    Chevron Wood Floors Take Center Stage in Galley Kitchen

  • Summer Rayne's Kitchen Is Filled to the Brim With Vibrant Plant Life
    A Bright Green Kitchen Is Filled With Assorted Houseplants

  • Full View Of Downstairs From Living Space To Dining Space And Stairs
    Modern Townhouse Living And Dining Space

  • Neutral Kitchen With Brown Cabinets & Neutral Granite Countertops
    Transitional Galley Kitchen With Rich Brown Accents

  • Summer Rayne's Plant-Filled Kitchen With Open Shelving
    Lime Green, Plant-Filled Kitchen Featuring Open Shelving

  • Wide View Of Backsplash, Cabinets, Sink And Gas Range In The Kitchen
    Gray And White Galley Kitchen With Modern Accents

  • Galley Kitchen With White Countertops, Backsplash, Plate Collection
    Powder Blue Galley Kitchen With Cottage Charm