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  • Bali-Inspired Bathroom with Double Sink Wood Vanity
    Bali-Inspired Bathroom with Wood Vanity

  • Bali-Inspired Bathroom With Double Sink Vanity
    Bali-Inspired Bathroom

  • Asian-inspired hallway
    Green Asian-Style Hallway Encourages Peace, Tranquility

  • Green Asian Bathroom
    Sage Green Asian Spa-Inspired Bathroom With Mounted Vanity and Toilet

  • Asian Double Vanity Bathroom
    Green and Gray Asian Double Vanity Bathroom With Straw Mat

  • Modern Zen Kitchen
    Modern Kitchen Peninsula

  • Green hallway
    Green Hallway Infused With Asian-Inspired Elements

  • Asian-Inspired Meditation Room With Buddha Statue
    Asian-Inspired Meditation Room

  • Asian Bathroom With Pastoral Wallpaper
    Red and Green Asian Bathroom With Pastoral Wallpaper

  • Bonsai display
    Exquisite Bonsai on Slate

  • Bright Green Asian-Style Bedroom With Brown Sofa and Brown Wall Art
    Apple-Green Asian-Style Master Bedroom With Brown Accents

  • Asian Living Area With Sleek Window Treatments and Wood Coffee Table
    Zen Green Living Room

  • Beautiful Japanese Herb Garden
    Beautiful Terraced Herb Garden

  • Courtyard Water Fountain with Green Foliage Plants
    Asian-Inspired Courtyard Water Fountain

  • Kids' Room with Bright, Youthful Colors
    Bright, Youthful Asian Inspired Kids' Room

  • Asian Courtyard Garden
    Asian Courtyard Garden With Potted Trees and Artwork