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  • Decorated Christmas Tree in a Contemporary Family Room
    Decorated Christmas Tree With Wrapped Presents in Holiday Living Room

  • A Christmas Tree Made Out of Green Wrapped Presents
    Stacked Presents Representing a Christmas Tree

  • White Christmas Tree Skirt
    White Christmas Tree Skirt and Presents

  • Christmas Present Wreath Hanging On a Fireplace
    A Wreath Made Out of Multiple Wrapped Christmas Presents

  • Gifts Wrapped in Gold and Champagne Under Traditional Christmas Tree
    Gifts Wrapped in Gold and Cream Under Christmas Tree

  • A Pleated Tree Skirt Made from a Canvas Drop Cloth
    A Pleated Christmas Tree Skirt With Presents on Top

  • Brown and White Stuffed Bear Toys Under Christmas Tree
    Christmas Tree With Unwrapped Plush Toys

  • Glass Bottles and Wrapped Gifts Under Christmas Tree
    Lisa Lampanelli's Christmas Tree Decor

  • A White Pillowcase Decorated To Carry Wrapped Gifts
    An Adorable Sack Made From a Pillowcase With Yarn Writing

  • A Stack of Wrapped Presents That Looks Like A Snowman
    A Snowman Made Out of Stacked Christmas Presents

  • Country Holiday Staircase
    Country Holiday Staircase With Mini Tree

  • christmas
    Decorative Gift Boxes

  • Ombre Christmas Tree Skirt
    Completed Ombre Christmas Tree Skirt

  • Library With Christmas Trees
    Traditional Library With Christmas Trees

  • Wrapped Up

  • Holiday Tablescape
    Small Gifts

  • White and Gray Holiday Staircase
    Holiday Staircase With Frosted Wreath

  • Modern Tree Stand and Christmas Tree
    Modern Christmas Tree and Tree Stand