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  • Contemporary Public Space With Yellow Half Wall and Concrete Floor
    Working Space

  • Blue Chair with Desk in Colorful Office
    Bright Work Space

  • A Small Niche Becomes a Work Space.
    Small Work Space

  • Desk and Gallery Wall
    Artistic Work Space

  • White Contemporary Office With Glass-Topped Desk & Pallet Divider
    Bright & Open Work Space

  • Work place with Wooden Desk and Black Chairs
    Kids' Work Space, AFTER

  • Purple and Black Office
    Stylishly Bold Work Space

  • Black Light Fixture over Metal Wall Art
    Kids' Work Space, Detail

  • White table with bench seats provides space to work with clients.
    Extra Home Office Work Space

  • Brown Wood Desk, White Upholstered Chair & Sunburst Mirror
    Working Space in Master Suite

  • Home Office with Multiple Work Spaces
    Home Office with Multiple Work Spaces

  • Contemporary Gray Work Space
    Contemporary Gray Work Space With Orchid

  • Work Space with Small White Table and Pink and Green Accessories
    Inviting Work Space in Home Office

  • Work Space with Seventeen Foot Island
    Seventeen Foot Island Bisects Work Space

  • Yellow Traditional Work Space
    Yellow Traditional Work Space and Bench

  • Open Plan Kitchen with an Updated Open Workspace
    Updated Open Work Space in Kitchen

  • Basement Work Space
    Basement Work Space in Remodeled Home

  • Attic Home Office
    Unique and Functional Attic Work Space