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  • Mediterranean Patio With Trellis, Water Feature, Stone & Mosaic Tile
    Eye-Catching & Calming Wood Trellis Features Cast Corinthian Columns & Rainfall Feature

  • Jasmine Tree between Two Garage Doors
    Jasmine Tree between Two Brown Garage Doors

  • Deck With French Doors, Trellis and Outdoor Fireplace
    Deck With French Doors, Trellis and Outdoor Fireplace

  • outdoor dining area
    Enchanting Trellis Provides Passage

  • outdoor dining space
    Cushioned Armchairs Make Comfy Seating

  • outdoor space with flowers
    Garden Decorated With Flowers

  • Transitional Outdoor Kitchen With Bar, Chairs, Grill & Trellis
    Handsome Outdoor Kitchen Features Espresso Seating & Limestone Bar

  • Transitional Patio Living Space With Infinity Pool, Trellis & Seating
    Stunning Oasis-Like Patio Features Infinity Spa & Seating Beneath A Custom Trellis

  • Transitional Outdoor Living Space With Fire Table, Fire Bowl & Lounge
    Fire Table & Bowl Warm A Luxurious Outdoor Living Space Featuring Elegant Curtains & Sofa

  • Transitional Outdoor Living Space Features Pool & Chaise Lounge
    Oasis-Like Outdoor Living Space Features Sun Shelf Seating For Poolside Luxury

  • Transitional Outdoor Patio With Pool, Wet Bar, Kitchen & Fireplace
    Luxurious Patio Living Space Features Infinity Spa, Fireplace & Television Above Outdoor Bar

  • Transitional Outdoor Living Space With Pool, Spa, Kitchen & Bar
    Luxurious Outdoor Living Space Features LED Glowing Pool & Spa, Outdoor Bar, Fireplace & Kitchen

  • Transitional Outdoor Living Pace With Pool, Infinity Spa & Fireplace
    Cool Pool & Infinity Spa Balanced By Warming Fireplaces In Oasis-Like Patio

  • Kitchen Garden With Raised Beds and Wood Fence
    Kitchen Garden With Raised Beds

  • Rustic Home With Wood Shingles
    Rustic Home Exterior With Trellis

  • Utility Room With Brick Walls, Yellow Trellis Wallpaper and Wood Cabinet
    Cottage Utility Room With Yellow Trellis Wallpaper

  • Patio With Wood Pergolas
    Concrete Patio With Wood Pergolas

  • Courtyard Garden with Wooden Benches and Trees
    Idyllic Courtyard Garden With Wooden Benches