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  • Relaxing Pool Area Surrounded by Wooded Landscape
    Wooded Landscape Surrounds Peaceful Pool

  • Private Abundant Lawn Surrounded by Wooded Area
    Wooded Landscape Provides Privacy for Large Yard

  • Wooded Landscape With Waterfall and Stone Wall
    Wooded Landscape With Waterfall and Stone Wall

  • Long Grassy Path in a Wooded Landscape
    Long Grassy Path in a Wooded Landscape

  • Close Up Of Concrete And Wood Stairs With Ornamental Grass
    Landscaping With Concrete And Wood Stairs

  • Contemporary Back Deck With Wood Stairs and Brick Walkway
    Dreamy Wooden Deck With Colorful Landscaping

  • Wooden Arch Over Pathway Through Landscaped Area
    Wooden Arch Over Walkway Through Landscaped Area

  • Backyard Area with Wooden Pergola and Dining Space
    Backyard Area with Landscaping and Wooden Pergola

  • Large Pergola With Gray Gravel Area and Dense Green Landscaping
    Wood Pergola and Landscaped Bocce Ball Court

  • White Bench With Fish Pillow on Backyard Patio
    Wooden Bench With Fish Pillow on Landscaped Patio

  • Backyard With Large Trees, Green Plants, Stone Patio and Wood Pergola
    Outdoor Patio With Wood Pergola and Lush Landscaping

  • Contemporary Pool Deck Features Wood Cabanas
    Serene Pool Deck with Contemporary Wood Cabanas

  • Slatted Wood Cabanas Featured in a Contemporary Pool Deck
    Contemporary Pool Deck with Slatted Wood Cabanas

  • Landscaped Entryway
    Front Entry Landscaping With Paver Walkway, Wood Steps and Gardens

  • Stone Fire Pit & Brick Patio With Landscape Lighting
    Traditional Fire Pit & Wood Pergola on Brick Patio with Lush Landscaping

  • Concrete Modern Exterior
    Exterior of Modern Home With Wood Accent Panels, Concrete Walkway & Mulched Landscape

  • Landscaped hot tub or spa
    Hot Tub With Landscape

  • Agave and Ground Cover
    Low Water Use Landscaping