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  • Gray Bedroom With Wood Trunk
    Gray Transitional Bedroom With Wood Trunk

  • Sunroom With Natural Light and Wooden Trunk Coffee Table
    Sunroom With Natural Light and Wooden Trunk Coffee Table

  • Wooden Hand Chair
    Wooden Hand Chair and Trunk Set

  • Callus on tree trunk around bark wound
    Callus Forming Around Trunk Wound

  • Black and White Bathroom With Tree Trunk
    Black and White Master Bathroom With Tree Trunk

  • Traditional Living Room With White Couch
    Traditional Living Room Coffee Table Detail

  • Rustic Arbor With Mossy Bench and Tree Trunk Posts
    Rustic Arbor With Tree Trunk Posts and Mossy Bench

  • White Built-In Cabinets
    White Built-In Cabinets and Tree Trunk Coffee Table

  • Blue-and-White Pot With Yellow Flowers Beside Tree Bench
    Tree-Trunk Bench With Yellow Daisies in Blue-and-White Container

  • Coastal Bedroom With Hanging Oar Art
    Coastal Bedroom With Hanging Oar Art

  • Transitional White Parlor
    Sophisticated Parlor With Trunk Coffee Table, White Sofa and Lounge and Window Trio

  • Mediterranean villa with outdoor sitting area
    Covered Porch Provides Shade, Extra Seating

  • Transitional Neutral Sitting Space
    Corner Sitting Area With Blue Velvet Chair, Tree Trunk Stool and Floor Lamp

  • White Transitional Sitting Room
    Stylish Transitional Parlor With Traditional Seating, Leather Trunk Coffee Table and Neutral Blinds and Curtains

  • Neutral Bedroom With Leather Bed and Wood Panel Details
    Neutral Bedroom With Wood Panel Details

  • Country Wood-Paneled Foyer
    Country Wood-Paneled Foyer and Blue Mirror

  • Traditional Blue Master Bedroom With Carved Wood Bed
    Serene Blue Bedroom With Dark Wood Bed

  • Neutral Living Room With Rope-Covered Trunk
    Neutral Transitional Living Room With Wood-Paneled Wall