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  • A stonework archway hidden in a lush garden trellis
    A Stonework Archway Hides Inside a Lush Garden Trellis

  • townhouse with urban backyard
    Chicago Townhouse Complete With Urban Backyard

  • modern condo with private parking lot
    Private Parking Lot Located Behind Modern Condo

  • Deck With Bistro Table and Iron Fence Is Built Around Tree
    Deck With Bistro Table and Iron Fence Is Built Around Tree

  • Rustic Steel Garden Gate
    Rustic Steel Garden Gate

  • Pool Deck and Patio
    Pool Deck and Patio

  • Contemporary Courtyard
    Contemporary Courtyard

  • Colorful Urban Garden With Large Scale Plants and Containers
    K&D Landscape Management: Garden in the City

  • Japanese Rock Garden Surrounded by Wood Privacy Fence and Landscape Plants
    Outdoor Japanese Rock Garden in Private Contemporary Home

  • Exterior Close Up Of Paver Walkway Leading Around The Home
    Small Patio With Paver Walkway

  • A backyard sunken water feature surrounded by natural stone
    A Water Feature Surrounded By Natural Stone Gives Depth To A Backyard Landscape

  • Adobe-style home with backyard
    Adobe-Style Home Includes Sprawling Backyard

  • Patio and Wood Pergola
    Concrete Patio and Wood Pergola

  • Porch With Wood Slats
    Front Porch With Wood Slats

  • Patio With Wood Pergolas
    Concrete Patio With Wood Pergolas

  • Arbor and Colorful Furniture
    Wooden Arbor and Colorful Furniture

  • Modern Pool and Spa
    Unique Poolside With Unconventional Lighting

  • Sloping tiers of stonework walls merge with a sunken water feature
    Sloping Stone Backyard Walls Accent A Fire Pit and Water Feature