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  • Rustic Wine Tasting Room With Wine Racks
    Sophisticated Wine Tasting Room

  • Wine Tasting Room With Storage Island
    Metropolitan Living Wine Tasting Room

  • Wine Room and Tasting Area
    Wine Room With Tasting Area

  • Wine Cellar and Tasting Room
    Wine Cellar and Tasting Room With Bench

  • Rustic Stone Wine Storage and Tasting Room
    Rustic Stone Wine Storage and Tasting Room

  • Brick-Clad Wine Room
    Old World-Style Room Near Cellar Offers Spot for Wine Tastings

  • Wine Cellar With Arch
    Wine Cellar With Arch

  • Wine cellar and tasting room have a formal decor.
    Wine Cellar and Tasting Area

  • Traditional Wine Cellar With Recessed Lighting
    Spacious Wine Cellar With Table for Tasting

  • Glass-Enclosed Wine Room in Contemporary Basement
    Contemporary Wine Room Has Frameless Glass Enclosure

  • Contemporary Basement With Seating Area and Glass-Enclosed Wine Room
    Chic, Cozy Seating Area Features Wine-Hued Sofa

  • Small Wood Table Wrapped Around Wood Column for Wine Tasting
    Wine-Tasting Table Wraps Around Wood Column

  • Small, Round Dining Table With Tan Upholstered Chairs
    Rustic Wine Tasting Area

  • Brown Rustic Wine Cellar
    Brown Rustic Wine Cellar With Table

  • Art Deco Sitting Room
    Art Deco Sitting Room and Wine Room

  • Wine Cellar With Gray Stone Ceiling and Walls
    Spacious Wine Cellar With Rustic Stone Ceiling and Walls

  • Tasting Table Next to Wall of Wine Storage
    Built-In Wine-Storage Wall

  • Wine Room With Glass Walls in Contemporary Dining Room
    Eccentric Wine Room Boasts Glass Walls