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  • Open Floor Plan Kitchen With Island, Quartz Countertops
    Open Floor Plan Combines Kitchen, Dining and Living

  • Remodeled Sitting Room
    New Sitting Room Off Renovated Dining Room

  • Living Room's Dramatic Design
    Dramatic Living Room Design

  • Dining Room with Prominent Art Collection and Statues
    Art Collection and Statues Prominently Featured in Dining Room

  • Funky, Bright Bar Space
    Bright, Funky Bar Space

  • Modern, Neutral Dining Room
    Neutral, Modern Dining Room

  • Statement Wall

  • Open-Ended

  • Curtains = Cozy

  • Understated, Elegant, Neutral, Contemporary Living Room
    Elegant, Understated, Neutral, Contemporary Living Room

  • Timeless Bedroom with Traditional and Contemporary Details
    Class Bedroom with Timeless Quality