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  • Ranch Exterior With Landscaping
    Ranch Home Exterior With Landscaping

  • Japanese Garden and Pool
    Dazzling Japanese Garden With Lush Landscaping

  • Front Garden and Exterior
    Front Garden and Home Exterior

  • Flowers and Striped Rug
    Flowers With Pot and Rug

  • Ranch Exterior With String Lights
    Ranch Home Exterior With String Lights

  • Brick Ranch Home Exterior
    Brick Ranch Home Exterior and Lawn

  • Bushes, Grass and Wildflowers in Front of White House
    Natural Border

  • Stone Path and Garden
    Stone Path and Purple Flowers

  • Rustic Home's Garden With Yellow Wildflowers, Shrubs & Tree
    Rustic Garden With Mountain View

  • Peek Through Window
    Peek Through Window Into Kitchen

  • Purple wildflowers blossom on the edge of a field
    Purple Camass Blossoms in the Sun

  • Gardens and Cottages
    Gardens at Crystal Mountain Resort

  • Accordion Peg Rack
    Saturday’s Finds

  • Garden with Fountain and Brick Path
    Garden with Fountain and Brick Path

  • Beautiful Japanese Herb Garden
    Beautiful Terraced Herb Garden

  • Outdoor Garden with Bronze Statues
    Lush Green Outdoor Garden with Bronze Statues

  • Birdbath Overlooking Valley
    Birdbath and Path Overlooking Valley

  • Fountain, Pool and Plants
    Swimming Pool with Fountain and Nearby Trees and Flowers