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  • Front Door Landscaping
    Front Yard With Flowers

  • White Farmhouse and Porch
    White Farmhouse and Front Yard

  • Gothic Cottage Exterior
    Gothic Cottage Exterior and Yard

  • Contemporary Cottage Neutral Exterior
    Contemporary Cottage Neutral Exterior and Yard

  • Shore View of Yard
    Shore View of Home and Yard

  • Barn House and Yard
    Barn House Back Exterior and Yard

  • Stone Pathway With Ferns
    Two-Tiered Yard With Fern-Lined Stone Walkway

  • Gray and White Home Exterior
    Gray and White Home Exterior and Front Yard

  • Backyard and Modern Home Exterior
    Modern Home With Slanted Yard Landscaped in Levels

  • Front Yard Landscaping
    Decorative Front Yard Landscaping Featuring Large Rocks, A Waterfall Feature and Bright Plant Life

  • Backyard Swimming Pool
    A Long Pool Reflects The Tree Line Over Beautiful White Home Exterior With Spacious Yard and Poolside Seating

  • Yard at Night With Pool
    Backyard at Night With Pool

  • Stone Arch and Garden
    Stone Arch Looking Out to Garden

  • Beach House and Driveway
    Neutral Beach House and Driveway

  • Waterfront Home and Swing
    Waterfront Home With Swing

  • Small Patio With Ocean View
    Small Patio With Pacific Ocean View

  • modern backyard
    Garden Wall Lined With Plants

  • Hot Tub and Blue Chairs
    Terrace With Hot Tub and Blue Chairs