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  • Rooftop Deck With Multiple Sitting Areas and Wicker Furniture
    Rooftop Deck With Wicker Sofas

  • Living Room With Wicker Sofas
    Coastal Living Room With Wicker Sofas

  • Stone Patio With Brown Sofas
    Stone Patio With Brown Wicker Sofas

  • Laguna Beach Patio With Wicker Sofas
    Laguna Beach House Patio With Wicker Sofas

  • Wicker Outdoor Sofas With Blue Pillows
    Wicker Sofas With Blue Pillows on Patio

  • Wicker Outdoor Sofa With Blue-Patterned Accent Pillows
    Clean-Lined Woven Wicker Sofa on Urban Terrace

  • Outdoor Seating Area With Rustic Railing, Wicker Furniture and Fern
    White Porch With Brown Wicker Sofa and Ottomans

  • eclectic porch with French doors
    Three-Season Porch Decorated With Wicker Sofa, Plants

  • Pair of Wicker Sofas Flanking In-Ground Patio Fire Pit
    Patio With Wicker Sofas and In-Ground Fire Pit

  • Brown Outdoor Sofa With Red Pillows and Leopard-Print Pillows
    Outdoor Living Area With Wicker Sofa and Coffee Table

  • White Eclectic Sitting Room With Orange Painting
    Colorful Eclectic Sitting Room With Bent Wicker Sofa & Jute Rug

  • Modern Patio With Metal Pergola And Sitting Area
    Modern Outdoor Dining And Sitting Area With Metal Pergola And Contemporary Wicker Sofas

  • Neutral Contemporary Enclosed Porch
    Gorgeous Contemporary Enclosed Porch With Bunch Gray Curtains, Animal Hide Rug and Wicker Sofa

  • Neutral Mediterranean Fire Pit
    Luxurious Mediterranean Fire Pit Lounge Area With Wicker Sofas, Blue Accents and Rough Tile Fire Pit Base

  • Mediterranean Fire Pit
    Wam Fire Pit Lounge Featuring Wicker Sofas With Adjoining Tables, Blue Marble Topped Pit and Decorative Pillows

  • Contemporary Black Table
    Closeup of Black Ceramic Table With Textured Bumps Beside Wicker Sofa With Fuzzy Throw Blanket and Contrasting Pillow Colors

  • Contemporary Deck With Concrete Gas Fireplace And Wicker Seating
    Contemporary Patio Deck With Wicker Seating Area And Modern Concrete Fireplace

  • Contemporary Deck With Gas Fireplace And Wicker Sitting Area
    Contemporary Deck With Wicker Seating And Modern Concrete Gas Fireplace And Pergola