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  • White Foyer With Antique Table, Neutral Settee, Arched Front Door
    Whitewashed Entry With Simple Elegance

  • Light Hardwood Floor of Sitting Area With Concrete Fireplace
    Low-Maintenance Floor

  • White Dining Table & Two Benches on Neutral Rug in Blue Dining Room
    Cottage Dining Room With Whitewashed Table & Benches

  • White and Neutral Bathroom With Brown Whitewashed Cabinets
    Modern Double Sink Bathroom With Whitewashed Cabinets

  • White Laundry Room With Enclosed Shelves, Drying Rack and Dog
    Rustic Laundry Room With Whitewashed Paneled Walls

  • Kitchen Renovation From HGTV's Beach Flip
    Bright White Dining Room

  • Light Green Hallway With White Door, Framed Paintings & Staircase
    Pastel Green Hall With Gallery Wall

  • Blue Breakfast Room With Red Curtains and White Woodwork
    Colonial Revival Breakfast Room

  • White Attic Bedroom With Butterfly Wallpaper & Woven Headboard
    Attic Master Bedroom With Cottage Charm

  • Long Black-Edged Runner on Whitewashed Bathroom Wood Floor
    Extra Comfort

  • Living Room Renovation From HGTV's Beach Flip
    Living Room, After

  • Railing and Dining Room
    Open and Balanced

  • Master Bathroom With Blue Stool
    Waterproof Workhorse

  • Black French Door Opening Into Gray Transitional Mudroom
    Organized and Stylish

  • Neutral Kitchen and Dining Room
    Neutral Modern Kitchen and Dining Room

  • Entry With Planter
    Artful Combination

  • Dining Room With Gray Felt Pendants
    Neutral Contemporary Dining Room With Gray Pendants

  • Modern Dining Room With Globe Pendant Lights and Whitewashed Floors
    Dining Room With Globe Pendant Lights