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  • Traditional Foyer With Staircase
    Classic Runner on Traditional Staircase

  • transitional staircase with blue-and-white runner
    Staircase Boasts Blue-and-White Runner With Geometric Print

  • transitional stairs with cream-colored runner
    Bright White Staircase Features Cream-Colored Runner, Coastal Art

  • Bright White Foyer Has Runner and White Hand-Shaped Stools
    Bright White Foyer With Staircase

  • Eagle Table and Stairs
    White Eagle Table and Staircase

  • Traditional Wood Stairs
    Traditional Staircase With White Balusters and Newel Post Framing Wood Steps With a Textured Carpet Runner

  • Black and White Wrought Iron Staircase
    Black and White Wrought Iron Staircase

  • Coastal Staircase With White Shiplap Ceiling and Walls
    Coastal Stairway With Sisal Runner and Blue & White Railing

  • White Southwestern Stairs
    Winding Staircase With Dark Wood Steps and Matching Railing and Bold, Colorful Southwestern Runner

  • White Southwestern Staircase
    Twisting Staircase With Dark Polished Wood Steps, Striped Stair Runner and Diamond Pendant Light

  • Coastal Stairs With White Shiplap Walls, Sisal Runner
    Beach Home's Staircase

  • Transitional Gray Foyer
    Mid-Staircase View of Transitional Foyer With Charcoal Gray Walls, Thick Wood Stair Columns and Purple Tinted Runner

  • White Staircase With Black And White Runner
    Transitional Staircase With Contemporary Artwork

  • Traditional Wood Staircase
    Traditional Wood Staircase and Checkered Floor

  • Neutral Staircase With Wrought Iron Railing and Natural Fiber Runner
    Traditional Neutral Staircase With Wrought Iron Railing

  • Transitional Upper Foyer
    Mid-Staircase View of Second Floor and the Gray Tray Ceiling With White Frame Design and Lampshade Chandelier

  • White Modern Staircase With Graphic Runner
    Modern White Stairwell With Skylight

  • Neutral Entryway With Black and White Accents
    Transitional Black and White Entryway