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  • Framed Painting and Glass Candlesticks
    Glass Candlesticks

  • Gray and White Spa Bathroom
    Gray and White Spa Bathroom With Candlesticks

  • Bathroom With Wood Candlesticks
    Neutral Bathroom With Wood Candlesticks

  • Blue & White Striped Wallpaper Behind Oak Sideboard, Brass Candles
    Oak Sideboard With Antique Brass Candlesticks

  • Doily Table Runner Sits Under Gold Candlesticks and Greenery
    Gold Candlesticks Sit on Top of a Doily Table Runner

  • White Fireplace With Tile
    White Fireplace With Textured Tile

  • Candelabra With Gold Garland
    White Candelabra With Gold Garland

  • White Traditional Mantel
    Black and White Patterned Wallpaper Behind Lovely White Mantel With Decorative Display

  • Neutral Living Room With White Couch
    Traditional Living Room With White Sofa

  • Hall With White Wood Floors
    Blue Hall With White Wood Floors

  • White Traditional Dining Room
    White Traditional Dining Room With Chandelier

  • White Modern Breakfast Room
    White Modern Breakfast Room and Kitchen

  • White Country Kitchen
    White Country Kitchen With Wood Countertops

  • White Mediterranean Sitting Area
    White Mediterranean Sitting Area With Fireplace

  • White Eclectic Dining Room
    White Eclectic Dining Room With Paneling

  • White Midcentury Sitting Room
    White Midcentury Sitting Room With Fireplace

  • Ornate Mantel With Green Vase, Glass Candlesticks and Gold Mirror
    Traditional White Mantel With Green Decor

  • Modern Mantel Display
    White and Silver Modern Mantel Display