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  • Modern Black and Brown Front Facade
    Modern Home Exterior Boasts Weathered Steel Panels

  • Gray Rustic Contemporary Bedroom
    Gray Rustic Contemporary Bedroom With Paneling

  • Barn-Style Bathroom With Soaking Tub
    Rustic Bathroom With Wood Ceiling and Walls Plus Soaking Tub

  • Covered Lakefront Patio
    Covered Patio With Lake View

  • Marble Modern Bathroom
    Marble Modern Bathroom With Rustic Vanity

  • Green Paneled Living Area With Midcentury Modern Furniture
    Living Space With a Rustic Vibe

  • Wood Hutch With Distressed Finish Displays White Collectibles
    Distressed Storage Hutch With White Dishware

  • Patio With Louvered Pergola
    Stone Patio With Louvered Pergola

  • Beach-Themed, Spa Bathroom
    Modern Coastal-Themed Bathroom From Sarah Sees Potential

  • Modern Beachy Bathroom
    Coastal-Themed Spa Bathroom From Sarah Sees Potential