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  • Italian Villa With Rectangular Pool
    Villa Side Pool

  • Waterfront Mediterranean Villa
    Waterfront Mediterranean Villa

  • Harbor With Boats With Hillside Beyond
    Coastal Italian Villa

  • Mediterranean Driveway
    Mediterranean Villa Driveway

  • Villa at Night
    Villa Exterior at Night

  • Villa With Turret
    Villa Exterior With Turret

  • Villa Pool
    Villa Pool and Pergola

  • Villa and Grounds
    Villa Exterior and Grounds

  • Villa Exterior and Terraces
    Villa Exterior and Terraces

  • Lakefront Villa
    Lakefront Villa With Tower

  • Villa Exterior
    Villa Exterior and Grounds

  • Beachfront Villa
    Villa Exterior and Beach

  • Villa Overlooking Water
    Villa Exterior Overlooking Water

  • Renaissance-era villa and atrium
    Atrium Complements Villa's Architecture

  • Italian villa with swimming pool
    Garden Surrounding Italian Villa

  • Lakefront Villa
    Lakefront Villa in Switzerland

  • Luxury Home With Pool House And Pool
    Luxury Villa With Pool

  • Golf Green and Villa
    Golf Green and Villa