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  • White Dishes on a Silver Tray with a White Vase of Tulips
    White and Silver Tabletop Vignette

  • An oversized coffee table for displaying items anchor this loft living room.
    Loft - Oversized Coffee Table Vignette

  • Contemporary Girl's Nursery With Gold Mirror
    Elegant Vignette in Girl's Nursery

  • Green Room With White Windows and Plaid Curtains
    Green Coastal Living Room Vignette

  • Lucite Table Vignette
    Lucite Table Vignette With Lamp

  • Backyard with Brightly Colored Conversation Vignettes
    Brightly Colored Conversation Vignettes in Backyard

  • Relaxing Master Bedroom with Vignette Seating
    Vignette Seating in Relaxing Master Bedroom

  • Eclectic Accessories and Dresser
    Elegant Vignette in Contemporary Living Room

  • White Kitchen with Candy Vignette
    Contemporary White Kitchen with Candy Vignette

  • Mirrored Nightstand With Contemporary Wall Art and Decor
    Contemporary Bedside Vignette with Mirrored Nightstand

  • Master Bedroom with Sitting Area Vignette
    Sitting Area Vignette in Master Bedroom

  • Vignette With Tropical Leaves
    Beautifully Styled Vignette With Tropical Foliage

  • Table Vignette and Purple Rug
    Console Table Vignette and Purple Rug

  • Tabletop With Yellow & White Flowers, Gold Vase, Books
    Tabletop Vignette With Tulips and Vases

  • Dresser with Man's Painted Portrait
    Decorative Vignette on French Country Chest

  • vases on a glass table set
    Create artful vignettes throughout your home.

  • Antique Pewter Dishes on Display
    Dining Room Vignette With Antique Dishes

  • Coastal Vignette With Mirror and Seashells
    Coastal Vignette With Mirror and Seashells