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  • Colorful Rooftop Garden With Raised Redwood Beds
    Stylish Vertical Garden With Large Metal Medallion

  • Twisting Air Plants Surround Metallic Vertical Shower Column
    Vertical Garden Brings Outdoor Shower to Life

  • Outdoor Dining Table, Pergola and Hanging Pocket Garden
    Outdoor Dining Area With Wood Pergola and Vertical Garden

  • Deck With Pergola and Vertical Container Garden
    Vertical Container Gardening on a Deck

  • Crate Garden
    Vertical Wood Crate Garden

  • Summer Rayne Tends to the Vertical Garden in Her Bedroom
    Vertical Garden Wall Acts as a Focal Point in This Bright Space

  • Contemporary Deck
    Small Deck With Custom Vertical Garden, Wood Privacy Wall and Bright Blue Accents

  • L-Shaped Vertical Garden
    Vertical L-Shaped Garden

  • Vertical Planter on a Deck
    Vertical Planters on a Deck

  • A Jungle Feel Is Created With a Vertical Hydroponic Plant Wall
    A Vertical Plant Wall Sits on Top of a Vibrant Yellow Wall

  • Hanging Pot Garden
    Hanging Terra-Cotta Pot Balcony Garden

  • Raised Garden and Vertical Garden With Pergola and Log Pavers
    Backyard With Raised Garden and Pergola

  • Large Wall with a Hanging Garden
    Large Wall with a Hanging Garden

  • Vertical Garden with Oversized Medallion Sculpture
    Modern Take on a Classic Garden Wall

  • Vertical Stackable Planters
    Vertical Stackable Planters

  • Microgarden on a Wall
    Microgarden on a Wall

  • vertical garden
    Grow Up!

  • Small Outdoor Dining Table
    Small Outdoor Dining Table and Fire Bowl