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  • Home Theater With Armchairs and Velvet Drapes
    Neutral Home Theater With Velvet Drapes

  • Dark Drapes Hung From Ceiling, Black Window Trim
    Dark Velvet Drapes & Black Window Trim

  • Dining Room With Floral Wallpaper and Red Velvet Drapes
    Traditional Dining Room With Red Velvet Drapes

  • Eclectic Multicolored Bedroom
    Eclectic Multicolored Bedroom With Green Bench

  • Dining Room With Glass Chandelier
    Mediterranean Dining Room With Glass Chandelier

  • White Living Room With Green Wingback Chairs and Brown Plush Drapes
    Transitional Living Room With Elongating Roman Shades

  • Eclectic Living Room With Blush Pink Velvet Sofa
    Eclectic Living Room With Velvet Sofa

  • Soft Gray Bedroom With Charcoal Gray Headboard and White Lamps
    Transitional Bedroom With Velvet Wingback Headboard

  • Neutral Bedroom with Teardrop Chandelier and Blue Ceiling
    Elegant Master Bedroom With Velvet Chaise

  • Neutral Sitting Room with Sleek Fireplace and Red Velvet Armchiars
    Red Velvet Chairs in Neutral Sitting Room

  • Neutral Dining Room With Red-Backed Chairs and Ornate Wall Tapestry
    Traditional Dining Room With Ornate Wall Tapestry and Drapes

  • Gold and Blue Dining Room With Decorative Ceiling and Wallpaper
    Traditional Dining Room With Detailed Ceiling and Rich Upholstery

  • Traditional Red Velvet Armchairs and Gold Drapes in Living Room Corner
    Romantic Living Room With Ruby-Red Velvet Chairs

  • Neutral Sitting Room With Red Velvet Chair and Damask Curtains
    Red Velvet Chair With Graceful Lines in Bedroom

  • Traditional Living Room With Velvet Sofa and Old World Rug
    Traditional Living Room With Velvet Sofa and Old World Rug

  • Neutral Victorian Bed
    Victorian Bed With Textured Comforter, Velvet Tufted Headboard and Layered Throw Pillows

  • Master Bedroom with White Ceiling and Silk Curtains
    Brown Master Bedroom with White Beamed Ceilings, Leather Bed and Velvet Upholstered Walls

  • Eclectic Living Room With Modern And Vintage Antiques In Bright Colors
    Eclectic Living Room With Blue Velvet Sofa And Retro Pink Side Chair And Rug With Vintage Accessories