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  • Lake Tahoe Vacation House
    Lake Tahoe Vacation House and Dock

  • House Landscaped with Plants that Thrive in Sandy Soil
    Landscaping with Plants that Thrive in Sandy Soil

  • Stone Countertop Accented by Slate Backsplash
    Slate Backsplash Compliments Stone Countertop

  • Cozy Cabin Feel with Mixed Textures
    Mixing Textures for Cozy Cabin Feel

  • Lake House with Outdoor Dining Area
    Outdoor Dining Area In Lake House

  • Shower with Frameless Glass Door
    Frameless Glass Door Shower

  • Lake View From Sitting Area
    Sitting Area with View of the Lake

  • Ocean View Inspiration
    Beautiful Ocean View

  • House Tied Together with Wood Accents
    Wood Accents Tie the House Together

  • Backyard View from Formal Dining Room
    Formal Dining Room with Backyard View

  • Industrial Flair Added with Edison Lights
    Edison Lights Add Industrial Flair

  • Additional Curb Appeal with Backyard Patio and Landscaping
    Backyard Patio and Landscaping Enhance Curb Appeal

  • Miniature Boat on Dock
    Dock with Miniature Boat

  • New Furniture and Rug in Living Room
    Living Room with New Furniture and Rug

  • Sea-Inspired Accents in Coastal Bedroom
    Coastal Bedroom with Sea-Inspired Accents

  • Newly Renovated Bathroom with All New Fixtures
    All New Fixtures in Newly Renovated Bathroom

  • Living Room with Neutral Tones and Patterns
    Neutral Tones and Patterns In Living Room

  • Kitchen with New Fixtures and Kitchen Table
    New Fixtures and Kitchen Table in Kitchen