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  • French Doors in Upstairs Guest Bedroom
    Upstairs Guest Room with French Doors

  • Light-Filled Traditional Stairway
    Traditional Upstairs Hallway Is Open, Airy

  • Second Floor Living Room With Open Floor Plan
    Bright and Airy Upstairs Living Retreat

  • Upstairs Foyer With Bench, Sculpture
    Upstairs Foyer With Black Iron Railing

  • Small Upstairs Bedroom
    Small Upstairs Bedroom With Spare Furnishings

  • Neutral Modern Hallway
    Modern Upstairs Hallway with Iron Rails

  • Upstairs Landing With Exposed Brick Chimney
    After: Upstairs Landing With Rustic Bookshelves

  • Beach-Style Home with Sea Blue Wood Siding
    Coastal-Inspired House with Upstairs Balcony

  • Transitional Upstairs Entertainment Room With Built-In Shelves & Sofa
    Upstairs Entertainment Room With Game Storage & Seating

  • Upstairs Landing with Hardwood Brow Floors and Green Divider
    Contemporary Upstairs Landing with Hardwood Brown Floors

  • Aerial View of Living Room
    Aerial View of Living Room From Upstairs

  • Pendant Light, Armchair in Upstairs Foyer
    Upstairs Foyer With Armchair and Accent Wall

  • Blue Cottage-Style Houseboat With Upstairs Deck
    Blue Cottage-Style Houseboat With Upstairs Deck

  • Upstairs' Kids Bathroom with Neutral, Sophisticated and Durable Design
    Neutral, Sophisticated and Durable Upstairs Kids' Bathroom

  • Kids' Upstairs Bedroom With Desk, Twin Beds and Upholstered Headboards
    Kids' Upstairs Bedroom With Desk and Twin Beds

  • White Contemporary Living Space with Bar
    White, Contemporary Upstairs Landing with Bar, Dining Area

  • Second Floor Foyer With Craftsman Skylights
    Upstairs Foyer: Historic Prairie House in Riverside, Ill.

  • Gray Transitional Sitting Area With Piano & Two Chairs
    Upstairs Sitting Room With Piano & Gray Patterned Armchairs