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  • backyard with pool
    Pavers Connect Upper Deck, Lower Patio

  • Stairway Allows Upper and Lower Spaces Access to Each Other
    Stone Stairway Retaining Wall Leads from Upper Patio to Lower Patio

  • Upper and Lower Patio Levels Separated by a Contemplation Pool
    Long Contemplation Pool Separates Upper and Lower Patio Levels

  • Fire pit and outdoor patio
    Fire Pit Space

  • Rear Exterior
    Rear Exterior With Deck and Patio

  • Stone Country Home Exterior
    Stone Country Home Exterior and Backyard

  • Green Rustic Exterior
    Green Rustic Exterior on Hillside

  • Home and Lower Patio Area Connected by Gravel Path and Concrete Steps
    Gravel Path with Concrete Steps Connect Home and Lower Patio Area

  • Modern Exterior and Patio
    Modern Exterior With Patio

  • Upper Tier Access with Concrete Steps
    Concrete Steps Provide Access to Backyard's Upper Tier

  • Large Stone Patio Features Dining Area and Sitting Area
    Majestic Mountain Patio

  • Modern Kitchen With Colorful Backsplash, Red and White Cabinets
    Kitchen Features Custom Backsplash & Two-Toned Cabinets

  • Infinity swimming pool in a dramatic backyard.
    Luxury in the Hills

  • Neutral Kitchen With White Cabinets & Access to Outdoor Kitchen
    Kitchen View: Extraordinary Queen Anne Home in Seattle

  • Living Room: Seaside Villa in Saint Barthelemy
    Living Room: Seaside Villa in Saint Barthelemy

  • Modern Patio and Fire Pit
    Modern Patio With Raised Fire Pit

  • Outdoor Space Showcased by Aerial Photograph
    Aerial Photograph Showcasing Outdoor Space

  • Rear Elevation of Modern-Rustic Ranch
    Modern-Rustic Ranch's Rear Elevation