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  • Family Room With Red Sofa
    Family Room With Upholstered Ottoman

  • Beige Upholstered Ottoman and Brown Wicker Basket in White Bathroom
    Upholstered Ottoman Seating in Traditional Bathroom

  • Open Plan Family Room With Neutral Ottoman, Large Windows and Tan Sofa
    Open Concept Living Room With Large Upholstered Ottoman

  • coastal Living Room With Upholstered Ottoman
    Coastal Living Room With Neutral Sofas and Upholstered Ottoman

  • Family Room With Neutral Upholstered Furnishings And Accents
    Family Room Sitting Area With Leather Armchairs And Upholstered Ottoman

  • Neutral Family Room With Cream Sofa, Gold Chair and Ornate Gold Hutch
    Beige Traditional Living Room With Ivory Sofa and Upholstered Ottoman

  • Traditional Living Room With Leather Upholstered Ottoman & Curved Sofa
    Traditional Living Room With Red Sofa and Leather Upholstered Ottoman

  • Neutral Contemporary Sitting Room
    Cozy, Casual Sitting Room With Neutral Sectional, Accent Pillows and Upholstered Ottoman

  • Blue Sofa and Ottoman and Red Rug
    Sitting Area and Library with Blue Sofa, Upholstered Ottoman and Oriental-style Rug

  • Family Room With Purple Ottomans
    Gray Family Room With Purple Ottomans

  • Transitional Living Room with Upholstered Ottoman Coffee Table
    Transitional Living Room with Ottoman Coffee Table

  • Brown Paisley Ottoman
    Fireplace and Brown Paisley Ottoman

  • Neutral Traditional Sitting Room
    Bookshelf Framed Sitting Space With Pastel Blue Sofa, Bright Coral Throw Pillows and Upholstered Striped Ottoman

  • Family Room With Contemporary Upholstered Furnishings
    Contemporary Family Room With Upholstered Furnishings And Traditional Fireplace

  • Blue Upholstered Dining Chairs Paired With Ottomans
    Blue Upholstered Dining Chairs Paired With Ottomans

  • Teal Ottoman With Two Lines of Nailhead Trim
    Dramatic Details: Teal Ottoman With Nailhead Trim

  • Beige Sofa with Tiger-Print Ottoman in Traditional Sitting Area
    Traditional Sitting Area With Contemporary Tiger-Print Ottoman

  • Dining Room Features Blue Upholstered Chairs and Ottomans
    Dining Room Features Blue Upholstered Chairs and Ottomans