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  • Ornament Upcycling
    Upcycled Objects

  • Upcycled Armoire

  • Wallpaper With Design Featuring Newspaper Front Pages
    Upcycled Style

  • Upcycled Details

  • Close Up of Woman Covering Ring With Fabric
    Upcycled Napkin Rings

  • Tablescape of Candle Sticks and Block Letters That Spell Fall
    Upcycled Thanksgiving Decor

  • Two Candle Pillars on Table
    Upcycled Candle Pillars

  • Close Up of Candle With Jute Rope Base
    Upcycled Fall Candle

  • Woman Stacking Painted Resin Pinecone on Cake Pan
    Upcycled Resin Art

  • Close Up of Tiered Stand With Pinecones and Flowers
    Upcycled Thanksgiving Centerpiece

  • Woman Standing Behind Craft TableCassidy Garcia shows you how to create a Thanksgiving tablescape with upcycled items and thrift store finds.
    Upcycled Thanksgiving Crafts

  • DIY Cutting Board
    Upcycled Cutting Board

  • labeled paint cans filled with painting supplies
    Upcycled Paint Cans

  • raised bed
    Upcycled Raised Bed

  • Converted Stool Becomes Upcycled Beverage Station
    Upcycled Beverage Station

  • plastic shoe organizer filled with spray paint cans
    Upcycled Shoe Organizer

  • Recycled wrapping paper
    Upcycled Gift Wrap

  • HGTV Spring House 2016: Upcycled Outdoor Buffet
    Upcycled Outdoor Buffet