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  • Three Planters on Outdoor Dining Table
    Planters Add Lively Touch to Outdoor Dining Area

  • Bright Hanging Herb Garden Planters
    Bright Hanging Herb Garden Planters

  • Blue Planters With Lights
    Blue Planters With LED Lights

  • Wooden Chest in Entryway
    Metal Planter Decor in Entryway

  • Small Urban Patio
    Small Urban Patio With Planters

  • Contemporary Kitchen with Unique Counter Planter
    Contemporary Kitchen with Indoor Herb Planter

  • contemporary console table with planter
    Contemporary Console Table Showcases Ceramic Planter

  • Rat Tail Cactus in a Hanging Planter
    Rat Tail Cactus in a Hanging Planter

  • Bench With Built-In Planters
    Backyard Seating Area With Custom Planter Bench

  • Gray Exterior With Steel, Concrete and Stone Accents
    Contemporary Exterior With Steel Stairs and Concrete Planters

  • Contemporary living room with natural wood and industrial accents.
    Contemporary Living Room with Natural Wood and Industrial Accents

  • Little Girl's Room with Unique Accents
    Unique Accent Pieces in Pink and White Little Girl's Room

  • Coastal Blue Nightstand
    Coastal Blue Nightstand With Midcentury Modern Table Lamp and Contemporary Planter

  • Contemporary Porch With Sculpture, Plants & White Curtains
    Elegant Contemporary Porch With White Curtains, Tall Planters and Purple Human Statue

  • Stone Planter and Big Windows
    Tropical Guest Suite with Rustic Stone Planter and Floor-to-ceiling Windows

  • Hanging Garden with Drip Irrigation System
    Hanging Garden with Drip Irrigation System

  • Window Seat With Modern Brass And Glass Chandelier And Neutral Walls
    Modern Living Room Sitting Area With Chandelier And Built In Window Seat

  • Deck With Orange Chair
    Deck With Orange Armchair