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  • Wood Board Kitchen Backsplash With Stone Fireplace
    Rustic Kitchen with Unique Backsplash

  • Unique Armchair and Side Table With Blue Painting and Turquoise Lamp
    Unique Armchair and Side Table

  • Home Bar With Granite Countertops and Pink and Brown Wallpaper
    Bar Amenities Accentuate Unique Space

  • Beach House Design that is Unique and Relaxing
    Unique, Relaxing Beach House Design

  • Contemporary Living Room With Poplar Wood Walls
    Bright And Unique Living Space

  • White Stairwell With Shoe Gallery Wall
    Stairwell With Unique Gallery Wall

  • White Modern Staircase
    Modern Staircase with Unique Skylight

  • Casual Family Room
    Family Room with Unique Artwork

  • Tall Storage Cabinet Between Pedestal Sinks
    Bathroom With Unique Storage Cabinet

  • Unique Nightstand in Master Retreat
    Unique Nightstand in Master Retreat

  • Modern Pool and Spa
    Unique Poolside With Unconventional Lighting

  • Bedroom With Cedar Ceiling and Floating Shelves
    Unique Bedroom With Gorgeous Features

  • Eclectic Bedroom With Vintage Furnishings
    Eclectic Bedroom With Unique Wallpaper

  • Simple Christmas Tree With White Ribbon and Aqua Wrapped Presents
    Tamara Tunie's Unique Holiday Tree

  • Hanging Metal Light Fixture
    Unique Twisted Metal Light Fixture

  • Racecar Room with Unique Bunkbeds
    Racecar Room with Unique Bunkbeds

  • White Eclectic Master Bath With Gray Marble Sink Basin
    Formal Bathroom With Unique Details

  • Hall With Slatted Half Wall Leading to Master Suite
    Unique Master Suite Slatted Woodwork