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  • Homemade tree trunk guard
    Tree Trunk Guard

  • Trunk With Books
    Steamer Trunk With Books

  • Trunk in Nursery
    Steamer Trunk in Nursery

  • Trunk-Style Coffee Table
    Trunk-Style Coffee Table

  • Car with space to sleep in the trunk
    Bed in Car Trunk

  • A slice of tree trunk made into artwork.
    Rustic Tree Trunk Artwork

  • Crown gall on tree trunk base
    Crown Gall on Trunk

  • Stainless Steel Trunk and Black and White Rug
    Stainless Steel Trunk Coffee Table

  • Gray Transitional Bedroom
    Gray Transitional Bedroom With Trunk

  • Tableau With Trunk
    Tableau With Trunk and Baskets

  • Nursery With Steamer Trunk
    Nursery With Steamer Trunk Table

  • Blue Bedroom With Trunks
    Blue Coastal Bedroom With Trunks

  • transitional living space with round mirror and trunk
    Entryway Features Round Mirror, Trunk

  • Rustic Trunk-Style Coffee Table
    Rustic Trunk-style Coffee Table

  • Neutral & Brown Nightstand With White Lamp & Neutral Lampshade
    Trunk Nightstand With Ceramic Lamp

  • Rustic Tree Trunk Coffee Table
    Rustic Tree Trunk Coffee Table

  • Living Room With Trunk
    Transitional Living Room With Trunk

  • Epicormic sprouts on tulip tree
    Epicormic Sprouts on Tree Trunk