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  • Soft Green Bedroom With Translucent Walls and Bookshelves
    Bedroom With Translucent Walls

  • Back Deck
    Back Deck With Reclaimed Window Wall

  • modern cabin with glowing walls at night
    Cabin Walls Cast a Gorgeous Glow at Night

  • Modern White Kitchen Bar With Lucite Barstools and Gold Accents
    Translucent Finishes Accentuate White Kitchen Bar Area

  • White Modern Entry With Large Windows
    Modern White Foyer and Dining Room

  • Modern Bathroom With Freestanding Shower & Double Vanity
    Modern Bathroom Features Spacious Double Vanity

  • Living Room With Warm and Neutral Tones
    Living Room With Warm and Neutral Tones

  • Small Blue Bathroom With Freestanding Tub and Shower
    Royal Blue Bathroom With White Slipper Tub

  • HGTV Smart Home 2016 Media Room Buffet and Custom Artwork
    Stylish Storage

  • Modern Foyer With Glass Front Door, Orange Armchairs & White Sofa
    Modern Foyer and Hall With Frosted Glass Front Door