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  • Candy Showers Snapdragon Cool Season Annual
    Trailing Snapdragon

  • Galvanized Planters Filled With Plants
    Galvanized Planters

  • Cool Wave Mix Spreading Pansy
    Trailing Pansy Fall Hanging Basket

  • Two Planters Filled With Pumpkins on a Porch
    DIY Fall Decor Made With Foam Pumpkins and Planters

  • Two Planters Filled With Stacked Pumpkins Flanking a Door
    Stacked Pumpkin Fall Decor Sits on a Front Porch

  • Pocket Plants Create Privacy Wall And Herb Garden
    Living Privacy Wall

  • Viola Anytime® Dove
    Viola Anytime® Dove

  • Pink jasmine
    Pink Jasmine (Jasmium polyanthus)

  • Dichondra 'Silver Falls'
    Dichondra 'Silver Falls'

  • Duckfoot Ivy
    Duckfoot Ivy

  • Anytime® Viola 'Sugarplum'
    Anytime® Viola 'Sugarplum'

  • Vinca Reticulata

  • Air Purifying Houseplant
    Heart-Leaf Philodendron

  • Garden Slug
    Slug On Pink Flower

  • Devil's ivy houseplant

  • Trailing Garden Mums For Hanging Baskets
    Skyfall Mums In Hanging Baskets

  • 'Bronze Carpet' Stonecrop
    'Bronze Carpet' Stonecrop

  • Heliotropium arborescens ‘Marino Blue’
    ‘Marino Blue’ Heliotrope