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  • Colorful Dining Room Where Modern Meets Rustic
    Modern Meets Rustic in This Colorful Dining Room

  • Coastal-inspired family room in taupe and turquoise.
    Casual Family Room in Brentwood With a Coastal Perspective

  • Chic Teal Dressing Room
    Chic Teal Dressing Room

  • Eclectic Dining Room With Rustic Table
    Rustic, Rough-Hewn Slab Dining Table and Brass Pendant Lights

  • Decorated Window Sill
    Plants Accentuate Window Sill

  • Open-Concept Kitchen
    Open Great Room With White Sectional, Driftwood Coffee Table

  • Small Details Complete the Space
    Multicolor Detail Pieces in Contemporary Living Room Completes the Space

  • Contemporary Gray Bedroom
    Gray Contemporary Bedroom With Double Twin Beds