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  • Front Entry and Second Story Balcony
    Ranch-Style Home Front Porch and Second-Story Balcony

  • Outdoor View Peeking Into Dining Room
    Exterior View of Full Window Dining Room Wall

  • Neutral Home Exterior With Large Timber Column and Stone Patio
    French Country Home Boasts Spacious Outdoor Living Area

  • Tuscan Family Room With Hardwood Flooring
    Tuscan Style Family Room With Oversized Furnishings

  • Bulbs in Hellstrip Garden
    Bulbs in Hellstrip Garden

  • Living Room With Exposed Beams
    Traditional Living Room With Exposed Beams

  • Living Room With Two Blue Sofas
    Traditional Living Room With Blue Sofas

  • Red Brick Tudor Exterior
    Red Brick Tudor Exterior and Walkway

  • Master Bedroom with Vaulted Wood Ceiling
    Master Bedroom with Impressive Wood Ceilings

  • Historic Tudor Home
    Historic Tudor Home

  • HGTV Dream Home 2011 Driveway and Garage
    HGTV Dream Home 2011 Driveway and Garage

  • Rustic Living Room With Exposed Wood Beam Ceiling
    Rustic Living Room is Warm, Welcoming

  • White Living Room With Chandelier, Gray Sectional and Gabled Ceiling
    Chandelier Takes Advantage of Ceiling

  • Neutral Traditional Entry With Wood Doors
    Traditional Entryway With Grooved Wooden Double Doors and Arched Wooden Beam

  • Rustic Kitchen with Wood Floors, Walls and Ceiling
    Rustic Log Kitchen with Hand Hewn Beam Ceilings

  • Rustic Open Plan Dining Room
    Rustic Open Plan Dining Room With Wooded Views

  • Rustic Southwest Print Bed with Timber Nightstand
    Rustic Southwestern Guest Bedroom

  • Rustic Dining Room
    Gorgeous Dining Room