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  • Midcentury Modern White Dining Room
    Unique Gold Chandelier Over Long, Thin Table in Midcentury Modern Dining Room

  • Contemporary Art Display in Hallway
    White Hallway With Contemporary Art Display

  • White Hall With Dark Hardwood Floors & Pink & Orange Wall Art
    Contemporary Art Display in White Hallway

  • Dining Room With Separation Curtain and Bench Seating
    Dining Room with Bench Seating

  • White Eclectic Bedroom
    Eclectic White Bedroom With Black Headboard, Gold Accented Nightstands and Pops of Blue

  • Neutral Eclectic Sitting Room With Patterns
    Eclectic Neutral Sitting Room With Varying Patterned Furniture

  • Neutral Eclectic Bedroom With Lavender & Orange Accents
    Eclectic Bedroom With Burgundy Headboard, Burnt Orange Curtains and Lavender Accents

  • Bright Living Space With Room Divider and Glass-Topped Dining Table
    Contemporary Dining Room With Gold Screen Divider