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  • artemesia
    Grand Salon

  • Sitting Room With Arched Mirror, Rustic Door Frame, Upholstered Armchair
    Romantic Victorian Salon

  • Boutique Salon with Elegant Pedicure Booths
    Glamorous Pedicure Booths in Boutique Salon

  • Frosted Glass Lets Natural Light Into Bohemian Salon
    Frosted Glass Surrounds Bohemian Salon, Letting in Natural Light

  • Work Stations in Nail Salon
    Glamorous, Feminine Nail Salon Work Stations

  • Contemporary Brown Home Salon With Pedicure Station and Salon Chair
    Contemporary In-Home Salon

  • Black-and-White Vanity Space in Women's Bathroom
    Salon Features Room for Private Vanity

  • Paintbar Salon Counter with Roses and Business Cards
    White Roses and Blush Business Cards on Checkout Counter in Paintbar Salon

  • Hainsworth & Co Hair Salon with Bohemian Style
    Bohemian Style at Hainsworth & Co Hair Salon

  • Dark Living Room With Barrel Ceiling, Neutral Seating, Flowers
    Eclectic Salon With French and Italian Antiques

  • Midcentury Modern Nail Salon
    Blush and Cream Midcentury Modern Nail Salon

  • Eclectic Sitting Area With Quilted Animal Hide Rug and Chandelier
    Eclectic Salon a True Conversation Piece

  • Red Salon with Sofa, Custom Chairs and Large Fireplace
    Eclectic Salon Features French and Italian Antiques

  • Cream Contemporary Salon With Gray and Brown Accents
    Elegant Salon in Master Bathroom

  • French Bistro Dining Set
    French Bistro China Inspires Cafe-Like Design of Salon

  • Neutral, Bohemian Hair Salon with Gold Rimmed Mirrors
    Gold Rimmed Mirrors Add Glamour to Neutral, Bohemian Hair Salon

  • Green Plants in Salon Create Welcoming Environment
    Welcoming Salon Environment with Green Plants

  • Modern Living and Dining Space With White and Green Accents
    Curved Salon Living Room and Dining Area