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  • Garden With Statue of Buddha's Head, Green Foliage Plants and Boulders
    Asian Garden With Oversized Buddha Head Statue

  • Plant Texture In Garden Design
    Mature Rain Garden

  • Palladian Home With Transitional Landscaping
    Beautiful Landscaping Leads to Major Curb Appeal

  • Green Lawn With Patches of Warm Season Grasses
    Lush Lawn Separates Colorful, Textured Garden

  • Front Entrance With Colorful, Manicured Landscaping
    Plants Add Impact to this Traditional Home Entrance

  • Lacinato Kale In Landscape
    Tuscan Kale

  • Wood-and-Steel Bridge in Beautiful Landscaping
    Elegant Bridge Seamlessly Blends Into Nature

  • Container Plant with Evergreens and Pansies
    Container Plant with Evergreens and Pansies

  • Tropical Feel in Backyard Oasis
    Backyard Oasis with Tropical Feel

  • Daisy plants in a native garden
    Native Plants Soften the Hardscape

  • Transitional Pool With Native Landscaping
    Negative-Edge Pool Blends Nature With Modern

  • Rustic Home with Mulch Beds
    Rustic Home with Mulch Beds

  • Outdoor Garden and Grilling Area in Urban Setting
    Outdoor Serenity for City Dwellers

  • Purple and yellow native plants in a garden
    A Bontanic Garden Worthy Colorado Landscape

  • Contemporary Southwestern Home Exterior
    Contemporary Southwestern Home Reflects Nature

  • Hosta Plant
    Hosta 'June'

  • Perennial For Shade With Silver Leaves
    ‘Black Stockings’ Meadow Rue

  • Calamagrostis acutiflora 'Avalanche' ornamental grass
    'Avalanche' Feather Reed Grass Ornamental Grass