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  • A Dramatically Terraced Yard

  • Terraced Yard With Stairs
    Terraced Yard With Stone Stairs

  • Craftsman Home With Terraced Front Yard
    Craftsman Home with Landscaped Front Yard

  • Terracing Masonry Walls in Home's Front Yard
    Home's Front Yard with Terracing Masonry Walls

  • Front Yard With Walkway
    Beautifully Landscaped Front Yard

  • Terraced Wooden Planters With Stairs
    Terraced Wooden Raised Beds

  • Terraced Backyard and Lawn
    Exterior With Terraced Backyard

  • Yard With Brick Columns
    Yard With Brick Columns

  • Raised Kitchen Gardens
    Raised Gardens in Yard

  • Modern Yard With White Metal Arbor
    Backyard With Concrete Walkway and Metal Terrace

  • Hot Tub and Blue Chairs
    Terrace With Hot Tub and Blue Chairs

  • contemporary backyard
    Terraced Travertine Deck Leads to Pool House

  • Pavers Surround Ornamental Grass & Small Pond in Modern Backyard
    Modern Terrace With Stacked Stone Water Fountain

  • Landscape Design Adds Height by Taking Advantage of Steps
    Terraced Steps Add Height to Landscape Design

  • Yard With Brick Accents
    Front Yard With Brick Accents

  • Backyard With Three Levels Viewed From Above
    White Deck and Terraced Backyard Seen From Above

  • Yard and Modern Covered Patio
    Enclosed Yard and Modern Covered Patio

  • Mediterranean Style Exterior
    Front Yard Landscaping For Mediterranean Style Exterior